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For your support ,below you have a set of questions that the majority of our clients have when they reach our site. Private detective Bucharest

Can private detectives track what other person is doing in a private dwelling?

The detectives can only survey from public places or from a private property but only with the agreement of the owner.

Can the detectives listen the phone talking or break e-mails to help them in their investigations?

No,these actions can be considered crimes against national security.

Can I hire only one detective for a foto-video surveilling action?

This is almost impossible as in most cases they work in teams of minum 2 members for this type of some cases,for example the surveillance of a fix point,a detective cam make this by his own,but also then it will be hard.In investigations,the detectives can work by their own but with the condition is that the situation and the information that has to be gathered to permit them this type of work.

How do I know that the detectives that I hire are trustworthy or if they work legaly?

Not only the agencies of private detectives but also their employees have to be licensed by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police and also by the Capital Police or the inspectorate of county police in order to be checked through the site’s of those institutions.

Can I hire Detectives from Bucharest for example to investigate in other region of the country?

This thing happen frequently, first of all from the lack of private detectives in some parts of the country but also die to small comunities where these operate;being part of these counities they cannot do this type of actions because they coul be easily recognized,the detective being a “secret agent” by definition.

Can I be sure of the confidentiality of the detectives?

The private detectives are bliged by law to keep the confidentiality of their investigations.According to article 1,paragraph 3 of the law 329/2003”The information obtained as a result of the private detective’s activity are intended only to his client under this law”.

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