Debt collection private detective

This service assures you the possibility of filling the patrimony as a result of unpaid bills,unfulfilled contracts,unpaid loans or any other unpaid debt.All that you have to do is to send us all the necessary documentation that are linked with your debt through fax,e-mail or mail and in the shortest time one of our specialists will contact you.
The general procedure:
In order to start de procedure of debt collection we will sign a contract of commercial office,through which we will have the power to act on you case.we guarantee you the total privacy of your information and data in order to solve the legal operations for which we are mandated.Our contract contains ferm clauses regarding the compulsoriness of the strict observance of the private data and information that we find out as a result of the entrusted mandate.Calling the assistance services,consultancy and legal representation are all made on the basis of a contract of minimum 6 months.Through calling all these services,the client is ofered the full range of servicesfor all the activity that is needed in solving the client’s case.The advantage of this type of service is that the client will have non-stop and advised assistance,based on a full staff’s review in the economic,juridical and commercial domain who are aware of the problem’s evolution of the client.

Debt collection private detective

The kind procedure or the extra judicial procedure:


Firstly we will try the peaceful way in the collection of the debt.Although this is the fastest and the cheapest method of the debt collection,the extrajudicial procedure is often excluded by the debt collection companies but also by the law offices.the aim of this procedure is to offer us the maxim of information and data about the debtors and their financial situation,the readiness of paying the debt and the expected duration of the payment.Also this procedure will highlight the insolvable debtors for whom it must be started the procedure of bankrupcy(the result being the pay of the debt from the income tax and also the responsibility of the associates and the administrators of the debt companies with their own goods) or the start of the judicial proceedings/enforcement which will lead to the curtail of the time in the recovery of the debt.

Debt collection private detective

The methods in the peaceful procedure are:investigations regarding th edebtor’s solvability, his/her goods,investigations regarding the identifications of the companie’s associates and administrators,phone discussions,notes,direct meetings.It can be obtained precious informations about the debtor’s activity doing a new financial profile that can be used at the estimation of a success rate.Through the peacefull procedure it is tried as much as it is possible the conviction of the debtors as the interests in finding the most efficient methods to settle the dispute cases,conflicts,avoiding the aggravation of the financial situation on both sides, by increasing the amount of the sum owed or by the value of the expenses arising from the judicial recovery of those.In much that 80% of the cases this method has proved its eficiency.

The judicial proceeding –┬áDebt collection private detective


In the case of which the debtor does not react positively at our requests, we wil strat litigation proceedings of recovering the debt by calling at judgement of the debtor followed by the enforcement of the debtor and also by formulatingg the criminal complaints,requests for triggering the bunkrupcy procedure,etc.
The legal actions or the criminal ones, will be introduces depending on the material competence functional and teritorial,where there are met the necessary conditions in the initial and primary legal form( of the fundamental payment order on OUG/5/2001 and 119/2007 of the payment orders of the insolvency proceedings-with the changes from july 2010-or in the form of the actions in claims under common law.As we showed,this judicial proceeding it wil be started only if the debtor does not want to colaborate with us,manifesting in an active or passive manner case in which our company will start the procedure of collecting the debt through legal methods followed by the obtaining of an enforcement having as a main aim a definig and enforceable decision,at least followed by the enforcement of the debtor.In this procedure it will be also triggered the insolvency procedure if all the law conditions are respected after the subsequent finding of the insolvency state and the other specific criteria of this procedure.All the payment warnings and notifications will be sent at all the debtor’s known locations-at workplaces,secondary offices-notation in the Land Registry at bans sale regarding the buildings and mobile goods in Real property guarantee of the electronic archive under the IV Title from 99/1999 law,the denunciation of the debtor at the competent authorities from MAI from the Ministry of Finance,the Ministry of Justice,the border police,in all data bases,sites,etc with debtors from Romania.

Debt collection private detective
With the onset of the legal proceedings of collecting the debts from our society, in the name and for the customer it will proceed simultaneously at the seizing of the criminal tracking services for the comitted act of the members of the debtor society,the denouncing of the debtor to the competent authorities from the Ministry of Public Finance-ANAF-Financial Guard,MAI,Ministry of Justice and Citizen Liberties and where it is necessary to note in the Land Registry the sales banning if it is the case of immobiles, the privilege enrollment in the Electronic Archive of the Real Property Guarantee from the IV Title from the Law 99/1999. Debt collection private detective

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