Why would you choose a cheap detective Bucharest? Sherlock Holmes said “After you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, however unlikely, must be the truth!

You are not sure if a cheap detective Bucharest is a legal method of espionage? The law states that “a private detective is a certified person under the law and who, without prejudice the right to private life, family or other fundamental rights and freedoms, at the request of natural or legal persons, carries out specific investigative activities” – Law no. 329/2003.

Practically, by hiring a private detective with a signed contract, the investigation service is legal. But, it is illegal when you want to spy as a natural person, without any rights. A cheap detective Bucharest, usually, checks and analyzes a person’s behavior, his morality, the seriousness and credibility of some business partners or family members.

Why would you choose us? – cheap detective Bucharest

By choosing our investigative company, the procedure is as follows:

– Preliminary meeting – the first meeting of the detective with the client is to identify the needs, determine the costs and time required.

– Investigation – the actual investigation of the person by specific means of espionage.

– Report – In addition to the final report, the client will be kept informed of the actions of the person being tracked.

What advantages do you have if you choose cheap detective Bucharest:

– Confidentiality

– Seriousness

– Readiness

– Rapidity

– Efficiency

– Professionalism

– Guaranteed results

Our detective team is based on professional, accredited, serious people and passionate about their work. We guarantee that the report will contain only objective information, without any emotional or personal involvement, whether it is the investigation of a business partner, child or wife/husband.

One of our slogans is “Cheap detective Bucharest” because we want to provide high quality services at low prices, accessible for any audience. The prices are preferential, depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case.

For us, the greatest satisfaction is a satisfied customer. So, if you have any reason to suspect someone and want to find out the truth, choose with confidence cheap detective Bucharest.