How to become a private detective Romania – Several conditions and selection criteria have to be met and they are in line with Romanian law.

According to Law no. 329/2003 may acquire the status of private detective Romania, the person fulfilling these conditions:

A) has Romanian citizenship or the citizenship of one of the Member States of the European Union or of the European Economic Area;
B) possesses secondary education and is a graduate of a post-secondary school of detectives or has served as a policeman or a worker in public institutions with defense, public order or national security responsibilities or is a graduate of a higher education institution;
C) is medically fit to become a private detective Romania;
D) have not been convicted of intentional offenses;
E) does not carry out an activity involving the exercise of public authority;
F) obtained the opinion of the County Police Inspectorate or of the Bucharest Police Directorate, as the case may be;
G) passed the examination of the attestation of the quality of a private detective Romania, according to the provisions of art.7 of Law 329/2003, or holds a certificate of qualification in this profession or a similar attestation issued in one of the EU Member States and The European Economic Area.
The next steps becoming a private detective Romania:

Obtaining by the applicant the principle statement from the General Directorate of Police of Bucharest Municipality for persons domiciled in the Capital.
In order to obtain your opinion in principle, you must submit the following documents:
– Application for the attestation of a private detective Romania (from which the request for a notice of principle would arise)
– Curriculum vitae;
– Diploma studies (certified copy);
– Criminal Records Certificate (Reason – private detective exam);
– Notary Statement (showing that you do not engage in activities involving the public authority of the state);
– Children on the identity card, birth certificate, marriage certificate;
– Family doctor’s medical certificate (showing that you are clinically healthy);
– Retirement decision for workers in the Police, Defense, Public Order and National Security, if they want to become private dealers Romania.

The second step to obtain a working opinion for a private detective Romania: After obtaining the basic opinion to take the exam, the candidates will submit the following documents:
– Request (to show participation in the exam);
– Type medical record;
– Psychological opinion
– Fee (to be paid at DGPMB, cash);
Documents are submitted 15 days before the exam date.

The third step to becoming a private detective Romania: The exam for obtaining the quality of a private detective Romania, takes place at the headquarters of D.G.P.M.B. In the last month of each quarter, and the date and time will be displayed 30 days before the date of the review.
The exam consists of a written test and an interview.
1) Written test – grid test of 18 questions from the legislation;
2) Interview – questions.
He is admitted to profess as a private detective Romania, the candidate who obtains at least grade 5.

The last step to become a private detective Romania: after obtaining a private detective certificate in Romania, the person can choose to operate in a professional company, an individual cabinet, or to set up a private company or cabinet, as private detective Romania.