01 Conjugal investigation

We make conjugal investigations that are extremely descrete and objective offering you the most precious information that will offer you the true vision of things.

02 Debt recovery

The debt recovery service offers you the possibility to fill your patrimony as a result of unpaid bills,unfulfilles contracts,unpaid loan or any other uncashed debt.

03 Partnership investigations

Do you wish to know more about your business partner? We offer you in the shortest time all the relevant information that you need.

04 Employees investigations

Do you wish to know more about your employess or your future employees?Nothing more simple than this.We guarantee you that we will bring you the most precious information.

05 The data protection

In our century the data protection represents a priority and that is why we guarantee you that everything is occuring with a carefulness and discretion precisely as a swiss watch.

06 Bodyguard

Do you fear for your safety?From now on you won't have any reason to fear any more.Investygator is available for you.

Cheap private detective Bucharest

About us

INVESTYGATOR Company- Cheap Private detective Bucharest -is specialized in obtaining information,operative surveillence and informative investigations adapted for every case in particular,that are realised only with the strict compliance of the applicable legal provisions.

Professional staff

The conpany's staff is represented only by former superior officers from secret services,whose previous experience in information work certificate the present professionalism,quality and value of our services.

The latest technology

At the same time,through our afferent technical department,we ofer free consultancy regarding your house security or of your locations that are held by your company,including the installation of foto-video gadgets and access control.

Discretion and Consultancy

We offer you consultancy not only for the flow of information but also for the tracking of some possible stealing from the inetrior of your company.When you appeal at INVESTYGATOR,you appeal at true secret services professionals,that will prove you that they have atct and discretion in the operative solving of your case.

The testing of the employees

We make employees loialty tests,infiltrations,other types of operative combinations,but also specific activities of evaluating and studying of the candidates for your key worplaces from your company and also those from the competing companies.

SERVICES - Cheap private detective Bucharest

Cheap Private Detective Bucharest - Our company offers a widespread range of services at prices that have as a target not only individuals but also legal entities, the company being runned by a retired senior officer with a vast experience in the operative-infirmative activity,having a seniority in the specific avtivity of information of approximately 20 years. Cheap private detective Bucharest

INDIVIDUALS SERVICES - Cheap private detective Bucharest

Cheap private detective Bucharest

Conjugal investigations

cheap private detective bucharest

cheap private detective bucharest

-verification for suspicion of infidelity
-adultery:audio-video-foto proves
-matrimonial pre and post testing(morality,earnest,honesty,addiction,passions,previous relationships or parallel relationships,verifications about unknown children coming from previous marriages,patrimony,unknown health problems,origin,ethnic group,religion)
-verifying the morality and the addiction of your partner
-data and information about demeanour,morality and fidelity of a person before marriage
-the identification and locating the possessions that were stolen by your partner

Different investigations

cheap private detective bucharest

cheap private detective bucharest

-tail and tracking with auto means,stationary observation
-(contrafilaj-chiar nu stiu sa il traduc) for pursued people and blocking/confusing tail
-Investigations for a certain person(identity after a description or car registration number,tracking,patrimony,group relations,sources of income,types of business,etc)
-Public demeanour and morality of a person(pursuit in a public place,tail)
-Secret behaviour or secret addictions of a person
-Investigations regarding the address,profession and lifestyle of a person(identification of the home, civil status data,workplace,etc)
-Antecedents of a person
-The travelling places and dates of a person in the country or abroad
-Verifying and surveillance for the persons that are part of a child’s entourage
-Kidnapping,deprivation of liberty,persons disappearances,imposition of daily work
-Discreet and cheap private detective!

Family protection

Our private detective cabinet, under the law 329/2003 makes investigation activities regarding the protection and the safety of the family.
The detectives can be used for children’s surveillance,verification and evaluation of their entourages
The detectives can offer you advice and methods to keep up with all these situations.

Surveillance of the home/immobile/auto

supraveghere-videoFor the safety and protection of your family our detectives can also be used for the surveillance of your home,personal automobil,your shop or other immobile.

post-matrimonial-investigationThe surveillance of the babysitter

Having considered the fact that lately the cases of stoled objects and violence are more and more often,our cabinet came to hellp the clients with a new service-the surveillance of the babysitter.
Our detectives can ofefr you surveillance and investigation regarding the behaviour of the babysitter.


60786084-Missing persons(adults,children,old people,mentally ill people) that are not under the police investigation
-Investigations regarding the odd behaviour of the minors(public behaviour,alchool and drug consume,violence,addictions,acceding at gangs or religious sects,prostitution,possessions and provenience of illegitimate amounts of money
-Identifying the children from out of the marriages


supraveghere-Children’s checkings(tracking,conditions of minor caring that are under the tutelage of the other parent,locating minors that are held secret by a parent)
-Identifying incomes and illegitimate charges of the partner
-Identification of extramarital relationships
-Identification and locating relatives/alive or dead persons,establishing and membership of family tree

Legal entities services

Cheap private detective Bucharest



cheap private detective bucharest

cheap private detective bucharest

Early,parallel or subsequent checkings for clients,credits and tracking down missing debtors for financial companies.
-Information and data about the compatibility of an individual with the requirements of the employer
-The loialty of the employer regarding the employee
-The honesty and the fairness of the employee regardind the duties that he has
-The employee’s behaviour regarding not to affect the public image and harming the employer’s interests
-Obtaining information and other special investigations if necessary;checking about some potencial business aprtners,individuals or legal entities

Cheap private detective Bucharest

Economic investigations

cheap private detective bucharest

cheap private detective bucharest

-Information about active trading compabnies,tracking down ghost companies,false transfers
-Checking the potential or actual business parteners(able to pay,patrimony)
-Checking the movable or immovable properties of the employees,partners
-Checking the loialty level and the employee’s honesty about:
solving their specific professional duties,the way in which they respect the professional secret,the way they react or not for promoting the image of the company
-Bribery flagrants and receiving unworthy goods


cheap private detective bucharest

cheap private detective bucharest

Our detectives are equiped with special gadges that can track wireless microphones,hidden cameras or other illegal gadges of listening that can be put inside your house or office.You can hire a private detective from our cabinet to protect your intimacy,business,family or even your life.
We made monthly and weekly subscriptions not only for individuals but also for legal entities for the disinfection and securing of your house,office or other dwellings.


  • cheap private detective bucharest

    cheap private detective bucharest

    they check the future business partners,individuals and legal entities :
    credit worthiness and able to pay honesty and earnestness in solving the duties that they assumed through the contracts risk insurances when a quantity of goods is delivered or on the point of being delivered fraudulent manual labour,contrary to the laws in the domainthe intentions and operations of alienations of goods for diminishing the patrimony and unfulfilling the contractual obligations assumed when you reach bankrupcy unfair competition
    -they check the loialty and honesty of the employees:
    fulfillind the specifical professional duties the way in which they respect the professional secret the way in which they act or not for promoting the image of the company.when At you call,our cabinet releases recorded raports signed and sealed for sustaining the evidences in a court.


cheap private detective bucharest

cheap private detective bucharest

We offer you:

  • consulting services in the security domain of the spaces held by the company in cause,also providing the necessary professional gadgets with the related installation.We speak abou performance control-access systems,foto-video surveillance systems and also audio
    -consulting in the organization of the intern security structures of the company along with the training of the staff.
    -we check at what level our employees or candidates are compatible with our requirements for the job through some actual stages.


folio2-1We offer you:
– personal protection services with bodyguard for definite time stages
-specific activities of checking and studying those who are employees ofb the rival companies(brain-hunting) in order to contact them and pursue them to work for the employing company
-the creation of some sources in the employees’s environment against the information leakage for the rival companies.Also as an example,these interior sources can be used also against the theft of some company’s products or for checking the lolialty and the honesty of some employees.
-making loialty test for employees that are predisposed to b e drafted in the rival companies through some specific informative combinations and the usage of the adequate coverage
-knowing through specific methods and means about the activity of the rival companies for anticipating their moves about paying,not to affect economical the employing company
-checking at what level the employees or the candidates for the job are compatible with the requirements of the jobs that they want to receive,through some adequate checking stages.

years of experience

hours worked

people at your service

offered services for you

What does our clients say?

Cheap private detective Bucharest -

Why to choose us?

Cheap private detective Bucharest

We are the best in the domain Professionals from the secret services !

All our employees are retired superior officers with an exceptional track record that worked until retirement in SRI on different profile of activities.That is why,our services and the information that we gather will be the best!

We have the lowest prices on the market !

Contact other profile companies and you will convince yourself.we work under the minimal price demanded by the majority of the companies on the market.

Exceptional Technical Endowment !

Fast cars,with ready engines,high power in order not to loose the subject throughout the tracking process,high tech photo cameras.Best quality spy microphones and hidden micro-cameras for the audio-visual confort of the client at seeing the Telemetre final raport with night vision,professional binoculars,spotting sopes and termographic cameras.We use anty-spying gadgets:microphones detecting gadgets,anty-listening gadgets,gadgets that generate white noise for covering a certain discussion from a room,etc.we have IT specialists that are prepared in the field of security and data protection.

We exclusively offer premium services!

Due to our exceptional training of our staff that worked in secret services we offer you exclusively services:
-infiltration in rival companies using informative combinations and legends
-tracking down infiltrated persons in the company and giving them wrong information in some misinformation campaigns
-head-hunting,inclusively top staff from the rival companies
-laialty employee's tests,etc
-desinfestation of disimulated spy gadgets
-protection of private talking,using special gadgets for jamming the data,also the generation of fond noises that block the hearing of the discussions
-close protection services with bodyguard

Our abilities

Cheap private detective Bucharest

Investigations 95%
Protection 98%
Data gathering 95%
Debt collection 90%
Speed of reaction 100%
Resource management 80%

Cheap private detective Bucharest

What do we offer?

Cheap Private Detective Bucharest

Cheap private detective Bucharest

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Cheap private detective Bucharest


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